Islamic Intolerance Follows Radical Right-wing Populism

As we approach the evening, the Third Committee has just begun dealing with the elimination of intolerance regarding Islam in developed nations. A resolution presented by State of Kuwait excites a spur of debate as more than half a dozen points are raised directly following her opening statement. As she yields the floor, the Committee swiftly moves into Open debate (skipping through time against), and begins debating growing number of amendments submitted.


Earlier today, the Committee was faced with a Russian resolution paper dealing with radical right-wing populism regarding immigration and xenophobia. With progressive measures such as strengthening the rule of law against discrimination in adoption and non-national’s protection and recognition, and further establishment of bodies monitoring and enforcing such anti-discrimination legislation. With a consistent and concrete approach throughout the resolution, and with the committee’s collaborative engagement, the resolution passed with eight votes in favour and three against.



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