A Globalised Focus on Trade and Sustainability

With the evening upon them, the Second Committee has already passed a resolution creating a joint agreement on the degree to which international free trade can be infringed upon. Submitted by the United Mexican States, the resolution is concerned with Civil, Political, Cultural and Human rights throughout the resolution, which is reflected by its direct attention towards the consequences of free trade and globalisation on developing countries.

After assured debates and thorough amendments, the final resolution was passed with an overwhelming majority.


Now, the Committee finds itself in a lifted spirit, as new amendments are submitted towards an Indian resolution discussing means to economically incentivize the development of sustainable economic growth methods with regards to affordable and clean energy. A comprehensive resolution outlines the need for sustainable infrastructure to reach rural areas and commitment towards the Kyoto Protocol.

Having challenged the resolution with two failed amendments, the Committee pushed to pass two amendments by 18:00.



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