Ethnic Disparities Addressed at Court Proceedings

Bangladesh vs. Myanmar on the Rohingya crisis

Today, the International Court of Justice almost saw settlement of their first case, as the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is accusing the Republic of the Union of Myanmar of causing world’s fastest refugee crisis through persecution of the Rohingya people.

During the proceedings, the advocates of Myanmar constructively defended the evidence they presented, though eventually 3 items were struck while 27 still stood. They later called in the ambassadors of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China as witnesses, who were met by scepticism and criticism towards their sources.

The People’s Republic of Bangladesh also invited a couple of ambassadors including their own the Islamic Republic of Iran’s, who were both welcomed to the Court with a broad array of questions.

With the progress made in this session the President of the ICJ, Pietro Pizzinato, confidently asserts that the case will be settled by noon tomorrow.



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