BREAKING NEWS! A deadly and mysterious virus infects millions

There has been a major development in the General Assembly, as the entire world is suffering from a major outbreak of a mysterious virus.

At 10:45 the PGA received an unexpected call from the Secretary-General, requesting her to entertain a news report by the BBC. The PGA promptly entertained such which informed the highly confused delegates that the world is currently facing a viral outbreak of an unforeseen scale. While the first cases were observed in Dubai, Shanghai, Istanbul, New Delhi and Tokyo, the United States of America denied the existence of the virus until it suddenly spread to the United States.

The United States of America now acknowledge the existence of the virus; however, they are highly suspicious of the Chinese delegation and keep on asking them critical questions, as seen from numerous tweets by the president Donald Trump.


The presidency additionally entertained a skype interview with Dr. Mary Johnson, clarifying the ways of transmission of the virus. Now, the world community is working hard on containing the virus.

We will keep you updated with the newest news!

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